Since 1950

News Agency

Pioneering the concept of providing commodity news and daily trading prices, the National News Service with credit line NNS was founded in the year 1950 by late Shri Neki Ram Gupta. Today, almost all leading National daily newspapers, TV news channels and world renowned news agencies are the subscribers’ of the NNS. In order to know about NNS we will have to go back to 1950 when late Shri Neki Ram Gupta made a foray into commercial reporting in the then national newspapers. With his reports getting wide appreciation and his subsequent success in this field, he started a new era in the field of economic journalism which soon culminated in the form of National News Service under the credit line NNS. Helped in his endeavour by his eldest son Shri Kesar Singh Gupta, Shri Neki Ram not only started a news agency of a unique kind but also gave stability to it. Accredited by Parliament of India, PIB, DAVP and DIP today almost all major National daily newspapers and prominent TV news channels of the country are subscribers of NNS commodity news and daily trading prices of over 1500 commodities.